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All made in Paint Shop Pro X and AS 3.11


Move this one with you down to see where you are...



In this tut you have to use the Plugin  Vizros 4 - book


Use a picture - made bye yourself ore otheres as you wish
(remember to Promote to raster layer - if it is a background picture)

Do not matter about the size - it will be corrected later.


Dublicate your raster so that you have 4 rasters

 Start on Raster layer 1 -
you do not need to close the eyes on the others layers yet.


 Effects - plugins Vizroz 4 - book

set as here 

click OK


activate next layer (second from buttum)

 Effects - plugins Vizroz 4 - book again
and all you chance here is the settings in Turning - set to 70 - clik ok.


 now activate next layer (third from buttum)

and set Turning to 105 - clik ok.

 Now activate layer 4 (at top)

and set Turning to 140 - clik ok.


Now we have to have the white background away. 


Close layer - layer-eye on the 3 upper layers
And activate the buttum layer

 Use your magic wand and click on the white - hit delete on keyboard - and select none.

Close eye on layer 1 - and activate layer 2 and do the same.

continue like this until you have moved all white on the 4 layers.


Now open all layers (all eyes) - and

  File save as  PSP Animationsshop (*psp)

Now your book is ready to open in Animation shop
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